About us

Sidos Manufaktur is a medium-sized enterprize from Upper Palatinate. Since the etablishment in the year 2005, Sidos Manufaktur is specialized on kitchen accessoires. The main focus is on the specially clamping apron, a type of ingenious cooking apron, which is wipeable, holds on the body by itself and doesn't need knotting ribbons. Furthermore, Sidos Manufaktur produce cutlery bags for silver cutlery and bunny-egg-cozies especially for eastern. From the first to the last stepp everything is made in german hand work.


Sidonie von Beckedorff is an educated tailor and learned wholesale and foreign trade merchant for the textile business. Her professional know-how and her expertise with cloth and textiles garant for the best processing and the highest quality of our products.

Inspired of the traditional craftsmanship at manor Holzhammer, where she has spent her childhood and nowadays again produces, Sidonie von Beckedorff optimated proven production processes and succeeded to create and produce new products, which set new standards in the view of quality, innovation and processing.

She is married, has two children and leads the company under her own direction.


SIDOS MANUFAKTUR stands for traditional craftsmanship and innovative products with contemporary and classic design. As a family business from the Upper Palatine we warrant the best quality of our products thanks to a premium processing and permanent control of each fabrication step - be it design, creation, selection of textile, cutting, sewing or quality test. Every detail has to be correct, from the first to the last work step. There we connect the know-how of old craft tradition with modern technology.

"Tradition isn't the preservation of the ashes,

but the transfer of the fire."

- Gustav Mahler