Nice for kitchen & table

In our assortment we specialize in offering special products and accessories that are not "on every corner" and are thematically related to the food / cooking / living sector.

Quality & customer satisfaction

As a small family business, the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers are very important to us. Products that we produce ourselves are strictly tested after each step. In the case of merchandise, every single product that arrives from our suppliers is inspected for errors before being sent to our customers.

Individuality and diversity

Diversity and individuality are very important to us. Therefore, we try to present the most diverse products and ideas in many different designs. If you do not have a special sample, we are happy to respond to customer requests and try to get your desired product from our suppliers. And now we wish you a lot of fun discovering new living ideas!

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Salad cutlery red

Salad cutlery red

44,00 € *
Fine lavender soap

Lavender Soap

9,50 € *
6,33 € per 100 g
Soap Set Rose in gift wrapping

Soap Set Rose

25,50 € *
5,67 € per 100 g
Fragrance diffusor Verbena

Fragrance diffusor Verbena 100ml

25,00 € *
25,00 € per 100 ml
Special offer
Fragrant sachet Rosé Blush portus cale

Fragrant sachet Rosé Blush

10,00 € *
Old price: 11,00 €
Fragrant sachet butterflies portus cale

Fragrant sachet Butterflies

10,00 € *
Old price: 11,00 €
Fragrant sachet black edition portus cale

Fragrant sachet Black Edition

10,00 € *
Old price: 11,00 €