Sidos Manufakur for journalists: Here you find all relevant informations about our clamping aprons!

SIDOS MANUFAKTUR stands for traditional craftsmanship and innovative products with contemporary and classic design. As a family business from the Upper Palatine we warrant the best quality of our products thanks to a premium processing and permanent control of each fabrication step - be it design, creation, selection of textile, cutting, sewing or quality test. Every detail has to be correct, from the first to the last work step. There we connect the know-how of old craft tradition with modern technology.

Our main product are our ingenious clamping-aprons: Thanks to an incorporated clamping bracket in the waist, they hold at the body by themselves. No laborious binding and no knotting by extracting. Especially practical, if you have to hurry up - even the hairstyle is not affected. Stiffeners are incorporated in the thoracic region, so that the top stands upright.

The textile is wipeable, that means a short wiping with a damp cloth is enough to make your apron clean again. The aprons are available in different price ranges and designs. Here you find an overview over all our clamping aprons.

Additionally we produce bunny egg cozies and cutlery bags. Furthermore we sell colorful bamboo bowls with impact metal and colorful egg spoons made of acrylic glass, which are also manufactured in handwork and many other accessoires.

The aprons are completely manufactured in handwork by local dressmakers under the governing of Sidonie von Beckedorff.

"Tradition isn't the preservation of the ashes,

but the transfer of the fire."

- Gustav Mahler