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Ideal for kitchen, household or garden.

The apron is holding by itself on the body by a clamping bracket. No laborious tieing and no knotting while removing it. Especially practical, if you have to hurry up - even your hairstyle is not affected. Stiffeners are integrated in the thoracic region so that the upper part holds by itself. The cloth is wipeable, that means a short wiping with a damp cloth is enough to make your apron clean again. The aprons are available for Women, Men and children. You can select it in the drop down menu of the product detail page.
Model for Women

The models for Women are in a unit size, they fit for most of the...


The children's apron model "Bene" fits for children from 6 to 10...


The cildren's apron model "Maxi" fits for children from 2 to 5...

Model for Men

The models for Men are in a unit size, they fit for most of the...

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